Tips To Find Affordable Health Insurance in Pakistan

Tips To Find Affordable Health Insurance in Pakistan

Health insurance in Pakistan has not been availed by many. We have shown alarming signs of neglect when it comes to securing our future through insurance. However, the number of people getting health insurance is increasing. People are now looking for different health insurance policy plans. The only hurdle they are now facing is lack of knowledge and experience in what to get. The biggest myth people are carrying around with themselves in getting health insurance in Pakistan is related to their job. People wrongly think that it is impossible for jobless people to have a health insurance policy. Here are some tips on how you can get an affordable coverage with little or no money

1. Look for your partner

Now this definitely does not mean that you should get married or find a partner. Rather it suggests that you must find out your partner or spouse’s health coverage. You could be added to the policy very easily as many insurers have changed domestic partner health insurance plans.

2. Workers compensation 

Your country’s workers compensation program may offer you some health care compensation if you have an illness or injury that you got while you were on duty. 

3. Group Insurance Plan

People who create a group health expense plan pool their money to pay the medical bills for the deserving people. This is not an insurance but just a private group of people who are willing to pay for someone’s medical bills is return of some or no favour. This kind of pooled money is only collected when there is a major operation rather a regular check up.

4. Discount Cards

The health insurance discount cards offer you a lower cost health insurance in Pakistan in return of a membership. They do not insure your medical bills. They however only provide you a discount or cut down prices on medical bills. No kind of reimbursement will be offer to you. Moreover, you can only avail the discount card opportunity when you the member participating in the plan is using the services of membership. 

5. Group Health Expenses Sharing Plan

The Group Health Expenses Sharing Plan also work as same as group insurance. Basically people willing to pool their money make their own insurance similar setup. They pay each other’s medical bills. These members who are pooling their money, save, invest and reserve for major operations. The HCSM is a non profit group. It is merely an alternative to insurances run by volunteers with same interests.

These are the ways to get health insurance that is not only affordable but useful even if you are jobless or are doing a job that doesn’t earn well. The insurance world is full of better alternatives and options. Therefore, we always suggest our reader to take their time and then make a decision that benefits them the most. The above mentioned options are just a hand full of alternatives we have suggested you. If you liked our article then don’t forget to comment below.

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