Privacy Policy

We welcome you on We value your privacy and we have by all means made access to our website very easy. Our privacy policy protects you as well as our rights. Here we explain how, when and why we have written this privacy policy and how it will affect your use of our website and its content.

Moreover, provides notices that describe the use of information with disclosure practices regarding your usage and relationships you might have with The privacy policy explains how we use your information when you access our website.

How We Collect, Use and Share Information may or may not demand you to provide information for you to use our website’s functions. Some website functions may require you to provide personal information. If you do not want to provide your personal information, do not proceed to that particular function on

Your obligation to provide information is not mandatory. However, to get access to particular information on our website, you will have to provide the information needed. Otherwise, we will not be bound to provide you any information under such stated conditions.

Information Use and Disclosure

We do not

  • Sell our customer’s information
  • Share personal, medical or exclusively your information to any industry-related company unless
    • It is permitted by law
    • It is asked by the government agency
    • It is explicitly permitted by the customer

We may

  • Share information to insurance support agencies
  • Share information with consumer reporting agencies
  • Share information with an attorney
  • Share information with government agencies may or may not collect information from you that you have permitted us to use. This information will be used for marketing our products with affiliated companies. We may use this information to let you see policies and website articles that interest you. The affiliate company is bound to keep your information confidential.

Information Security

Your personal information is under our control. We will only share your information if needed to relevant third parties or businesses. However, we have built up physical, electronic and other procedural walls to safeguard your privacy when under our control. We retain customer information for legal, auditing, regulatory, and business purposes.

Site Usage Details, IP Addresses, and Cookies

While browsing through our website, we will be able to extract data from your visits which may include IP Address, Name, Email ID and other geographic and communication data. We may also collect clumped or individual data which may provide us information about internet usage, type of browser and operating system. This kind of information might tell us about the identification of a particular individual. However, does not use such information for own use.

We provide our data to Google for statistical analysis. However, the data is individually unidentifiable. We may also provide information to third parties that will be particularly used for advertisements for goods and services when you visit our website and others.

We also collect information through the use of cookies. We use cookies to improve our website for us every time you visit the site. We offer you a more personalized and organized experience in which we do it by analyzing usage patterns and the size of the audience. Such observations allow us to speed up our searches, recognize you whenever you show activity on the website and personalize your experience. However, you can simply disagree to stop us from using cookies. However, it will limit some parts of the website for you.

What Does Do to Your Information

Insurance companies and other websites choose how they want to share your personal information. Consumers, undoubtedly, have some but not all rights on sharing. We assure complete transparency and law-abiding clause when using your personal information. We may use several types of information from you with your consent. These will include:

Date of birth, IP Address, Name, Age and demographics

Claim histories, interesting potential insurance policies, etc.

Firstly, for marketing products and services to you, your information such as name, contact and the interested product you desire. We may provide this information to companies that are willing to perform marketing processed for us.

Secondly, for joint marketing with other financial companies, we may disclose the information we receive from you such as your name and contact information to other financial companies with which we have joint marketing agreements.

We do not sell any customer information to non-affiliates to market for you.

To protect your personal information from unauthorized access, we have security measures according to the law. Your nonpublic information is under our control and is protected by limiting access for businesses’ needs that are legitimate and by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards according to the law.

We get access to your information when you

  • Visit our website
  • Show activity on it
  • Agree to use cookies
  • Comment, like, share or frequently visits on web pages.

This is stated solely for your information that your ability to limit information only when sharing for affiliates everyday business purposes–information about your creditworthiness and insurance ability, affiliates from using your information to market to you and sharing for non affiliated to market to you.

We may or may not assign you a unique id from us to recognize you whenever you are active on our website. We are not obliged to let you know the unique ID assigned to you by

Rights on Your Information

You can contact us via email, commenting on posts and personal messages to ask your queries on information provided.

You are free to demand a copy of your information by us. You can also show your concern if you think we have unnecessary information about you. However, we are not obliged to answer all queries online. You can visit our office for further information. No fee will be charged for providing you with a copy of your information. However, on frequent queries, you will be asked to pay a reasonable amount to us to make good use of our time and yours. Moreover, the price is not fixed and it will vary from person to person. This will depend on your queries, demands and our easy access to fulfill your needs